Macaron 4pcs 馬卡龍4粒裝
Every macaron has it own story, so as we.


From 1 May 2017 to 31 Dec, Chroma will donate 10% of the proceeds to Orbis for each purchase with Hope (Macaron) or The Starry Night (Cake) in the order.

  • 描述

Mystery of Galaxy 宇宙系列:
“I believe absolutely in love being the central motive force of the universe” - Laurence Housman

Mercury 水星 Blueberry Marshmallow 藍莓棉花糖
“You are my Mercurius, my wisdom.”

Venus 金星 Yuzu Pear 柚子梨
“Your beauty attract me so deeply my Venus.”

Earth 地球 Sea-salted Vanilla 海鹽雲尼拿
“Earth, the bringer of life, the bringer of love.”

Mars 火星 Rose Lychee Raspberry 玫瑰荔枝紅莓
“You made me human, and no matter what happens, it was worth it.”

Jupiter 木星 Banana Chocolate Crunch 香蕉朱古力脆脆
“Every day I listen to my heart, I know I’m not alone.”

Saturn 土星 Sea-salted Chocolate 海鹽朱古力
“Pan, the avatar of Saturn, you are no longer alone anymore with me.”

Uranus 天王星 Lemon Lime檸檬青檸
“Enjoy the freshness of today, just like Uranus. Now is our story.”

Neptune 海王星 Yakult 益力多
“As a romanticist, love is always my choice.”

Pluto 冥王星 Rosé 玫瑰酒 (alcohol 含酒精)
“Until one day, you will see my love on you.”

Galaxy 星空 Popping Candy 爆炸糖
“It is my honor to be your galaxy.”

Season of Love 愛的季節系列 :
“Back to our Earth, the beauty is always close at hand”

Spring 春天 Violet Berries 紫羅蘭雜莓
Giunt' è la Primavera e festosetti

Summer 夏天 Mango Pineapple 芒果菠蘿
Scioglie il Cucco la Voce, e tosto intesa
Canta la Tortorella e 'l gardelino.

Autumn 秋天 Chestnut with Chocolate Sauce 栗子朱古力
Fà ch' ogn' uno tralasci e balli e canti
L' aria che temperata dà piacere,

Winter 冬天 Hazelnut with Chocolate Sauce 榛子朱古力
Passar al foco i di quieti e contenti
Mentre la pioggia fuor bagna ben cento

Love 愛情 Rose Rum 玫瑰冧酒 (alcohol 含酒精)
“This enchanted rose is an emblem of my love for you.”

Bliss 幸福 Sakura Sake 櫻花清酒 (alcohol 含酒精)
“My dream is to grow old with you and hold your hand all through my life.”

Sunset 夕陽 Blood orange Berries Tequila 血橙雜莓龍舌蘭 (alcohol 含酒精)
“All sunsets are beautiful when viewed with the love of my life.”

Collaboration with Orbis 奧比斯合作款式 :
“Look at the sky, it is not dark or black or no character. There is a light at the end of the darkness, and it shines on your heart with hope.”

Hope 希望 Black Sesame Matcha 黑芝麻抹茶
"There is a light at the end of the darkness, and it shines on your heart with hope."